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Kamis, 14 Juli 2016
Sabtu, 16 April 2016
With the first Vertical Fireworks show.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I order the fireworks online ?
Due to strict shipping regulations and costs, we are unable to take orders thru the internet and ship fireworks through the mail to the costomers
2. Can I ask for a quotation for my Fireworks Event ?
Yes, you may, but first we have to learn more about the location of the event, size, shape and best picture of the venue, the concept of your event, target audience, so we can design the shape and effect of COMET Fireworks based on the venue and your event’s concept. Our products are not
Produk kami bukanlah produk Kembang Api yg asal meledak dan asal pasang barang! Tetapi yang kami berikan adalah “ The Art of Fireworks”, tim kreatif kami akan merancang skenario efek Kembang Api sesuai dgn konsep acara Anda sehingga memberikan kesan spektakuler pada setiap acara Anda.